101 Amazing Ways to Move More and Stay Active

101 Ways To Move More

Do you always feel like it’s a challenge to get your daily dose of physical activity? Do you know you need to move more but you just can’t seem to make yourself do it?

I’m here to tell you that there are an infinite number of ways to get more movement into your life. Not everything has to be a hardcore workout either. Movement, in whatever way you can make yourself do it, is the goal.

I’ve compiled a list of 101 ideas to get more movement into your life. Some are more of a workout, others are just easy ways to move more. Pick a few that sound doable or fun and give them a try.

The Ultimate List Of Ideas To Get You Moving More

Read through this list and see what resonates with you. The key to being healthier, and even losing weight if that’s your goal, is to move more.

Notice I didn’t say “workout” more. I said MOVE more. The more movement you can incorporate into your day the better. If you don’t want to “workout” then pick some of the easier options and get off your butt! Let’s dive into the list and get moving.

Bonus points if you read this list WHILE getting some movement in!

1. Go For a Morning Walk

This is my favorite way to get more movement in. It’s not only a great way to move more, but it’s great for getting morning sunlight which can help set your circadian rhythm so you get better sleep and have more energy. Even just a half-hour walk is great. It might take getting up a little earlier, but it’s totally worth it!

2. Go For a Bike Ride

Remember how fun it was to ride your bike as a kid? It’s still that fun once you get past the initial bum soreness that your bike seat causes. There aren’t many physically active things more enjoyable than casually riding around your neighborhood. You don’t have to try to win any races, just dust off that bike and have some fun.

3. Do a Bodyweight Workout

I think the best way to start working out is with bodyweight exercise. You don’t need any equipment and you can do it at home, so there’s no reason not to try. An easy and quick workout, to start with is 10 Push ups, 10 Bodyweight Squats, 50 Jumping Jacks, and 20 Bicycle Crunches. Do as many rounds of that as you want.

4. Go For a Hike

Family Hiking

Hiking is one of my favorite ways to stay active and I miss the amazing trails that I had access to when I lived in Los Angeles. If you live in a place with hiking trails, I highly recommend getting out there. You get the benefits of movement and the benefits of nature all in one. Bonus if you live near mountains. The views at the top of a hike are usually worth all the effort.

5. Try a Yoga Class

Yoga is a great way to increase mobility and flexibility and it can also relieve stress. If you feel like you can’t do yoga, then that probably means you should give it a shot. Most cities have yoga studios, but if you would rather practice at home, there are many wonderful online options.

You can find free YouTube videos, or try a subscription like the one at Inner Dimension TV. I love Inner Dimension’s classes and instructors. Try out some free trials and see what platform resonates with you.

6. Take a Dance Class

This is my favorite physical activity. I’ve been a dancer my whole life and no other form of movement has made me happier than dancing has. Not only is it fun, but there are a ton of health benefits associated with dance, so I highly recommend signing up for a class.

7. Play Soccer With Your Kids

So many parents have kids who play soccer. Instead of sending them to the backyard to kick the ball around themselves, get out there with them. As a bonus, you’ll get some bonding time with your little ones and some healthy movement.

8. Do a Stretching Routine

As we get older our physical activity tends to decrease and we end up becoming less flexible. If you’re hesitant about getting back into exercise, a great way to dip a toe in is to start working on your flexibility. It’s easy, you can do it while watching TV, and there’s really no excuse not to.

9. Do a Dumbbell Workout

Dumbbells are such an easy way to get a quality workout in and now that the pandemic is over, it’s not hard to find them like it was in 2020. Search YouTube for Dumbbell workouts and give some a shot. A nice adjustable set of dumbbells will give you all the resistance you need in very little space.

10. Take a Lunchtime Walk

If you find it hard to fit movement into your busy schedule, try taking a walk during your lunchtime. You can eat a quick lunch or eat while you work and trade lunch time for walk time. It will be a nice break from the slog of the day and help counteract the negative effects of all that time sitting.

11. Join a Running Group

Running groups are a great way to stay accountable for your running goals. Even though running is free and accessible outside your front door, it can still be hard to make yourself do it. Having a group to meet up with will make it so much easier to stay on track.

12. Try HIIT

HIIT stands for High Intensity Interval Training and it was all the rage a while back. While some of the benefits were overblown, it’s still a great way to get some intense exercise and your blood pumping in a short amount of time. HIIT workouts tend to take less than a half hour and are a great way to get in some high-intensity cardiovascular exercise.

13. Go For A Swim

People swimming in the ocean

Swimming is not only fun, but it’s an amazing workout. It’s especially great for people with knee and other injuries. It’s challenging while being easy on the joints. Look for oceans or lakes, community pools, YMCAs, or gyms with pools if you don’t have one. Or get really close to your friend who has a pool. I won’t tell them why you’re all of a sudden reaching out all the time!

14. Try a Zumba Class

Zumba can be a great way to try a dance class if you don’t feel like you’re a dancer. The classes are follow-along and meant to be accessible to everyone. You don’t have to have any experience in dance to give Zumba a shot. It’s a great way to burn extra calories while having fun.

15. Do Mobility Exercises

You might be wondering, what’s the difference between mobility and flexibility? While similar, they are actually different concepts. Mobility has to do with the range of motion of your joints. To increase mobility, you have to build strength around the joint. YouTube has some great mobility exercises you can try.

16. Join a Cycling Club

This is another great way to get some accountability if you’re trying to ride your bike ride more. Having a community makes a huge difference when trying to stay active. See what groups your local area has and get signed up. You’ll ride your bike more and make new friends in the process. Active friends!

17. Do a Kettlebell Workout

Kettlebells are an old-school way to get some resistance training in. If you’re getting bored of the workouts you’re currently doing and you like to throw heavy weight around, I would definitely recommend giving kettlebells a try.

18. Go For a Long Walk on the Beach

If you live near the beach you should definitely take advantage of it. Walking along the sand – where the waves crash in and periodically wet your feet – is one of the best ways to get more physical activity. Not only do you get the benefits of movement, but you get the benefits of grounding – possibly why the beach feels so relaxing.

19. Take a Tai Chi Class

If you’ve ever wondered why the Chinese seem to stay active much longer than Americans do, it might be due to their love of Tai Chi. Tai Chi is a Chinese martial art and meditative exercise characterized by slow, flowing movements and deep breathing. If you know you need to move more, but you just don’t want to do traditional workouts, I suggest trying Tai Chi.

20. Try VenusFit

This is a shameless plug for a program created by a friend of mine. I met Venus Lau at an Animal Flow Workshop and if you want to experience some fun and interesting movement, I highly suggest you try her program. She incorporates flow with resistance and breathwork. I fully agree with her “strength at every angle” philosophy. Check it out!

21. Find a Workout Buddy

Two kids in 80s inspired workout gear showing off their muscles

If you hate to exercise but know you need to do it, having a workout buddy is the easiest way to stay consistent and be held accountable. I always had trouble staying consistent until one of my clients/friends convinced me to work out with her during our sessions. It changed my life and I now enjoy working out for the first time in my life.


The key is to find someone who won’t convince you to do something else instead of working out.

22. Set a Movement Timer

If you have an Apple Watch you’re used to getting a little buzz at 10 minutes to the hour if you’ve been inactive for too long. While it can be annoying sometimes, it’s a great way to remind yourself to get up and get some movement in.

23. Schedule Walks With a Friend or Family Member

The benefits of walking are unreal, but walking with a friend and connecting while you get your steps in is that much better. Not only will it keep you accountable by being scheduled with another human, but it will make your walk that much more enjoyable.

24. Take a Kickboxing Class

Kickboxing is not only a fun way to get more movement in and increase your blood flow, but it’s a great way to get some aggression out. I remember one time I did a kickboxing workout and I was so sore the next day in places I forgot existed. It sucked, but it was also kinda great!

25. Do Some Foam Rolling

Foam rolling is a great way to make your body feel better while getting some gentle movement in. Not only that, but when your body feels better you tend to want to move more, so get a foam roller or some Yoga Tuneup Balls and get rolling. The hope is that looser, better-feeling muscles will make you want to get more physical activity in later.

26. Do a Medicine Ball Workout

Medicine balls are fun to play around with. You slam them, throw them, or just use them for added resistance. They don’t take up too much room and they’re affordable. A few minutes of throwing a medicine ball around is a great way to get a quick workout in.

27. Ride a HalfBike

Picture of two Halfbikes

Ok, this is one that I’ve never done, but I keep seeing advertisements for this and I want one really bad! It’s basically half of a bike. There’s no seat, so you’re standing and moving like you would on an elliptical. You lean into turns and pull back to stop. I WILL have a Half Bike one day and I WILL zip around my neighborhood like the weirdo that I am!

28. Take a Barre Class

If you ever took ballet and really enjoyed it, then a barre class might be the type of workout that you could really enjoy. It’s low impact but that doesn’t mean it’s easy. Your muscles will shake in ways you didn’t know they were capable of. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!

29. Try the Jen App

This is another plug for an online program that I think is really solid. Dr. Jen Esquer is a Physical Therapist who has created an online membership that is worth checking out. I used her Mobility Method program to deal with a shoulder issue that I was having and I’ve never had issues since. The Jen App will help you get stronger, increase mobility, and possibly get you out of pain. Highly recommended!

30. Join a Hiking Club

Joining a hiking club is great for those who want to start hiking but might be a little scared to brave the trails alone. Hiking is a great physical activity, but there is some risk involved and that could deter a lot of people from getting out there. Having a group to go with could teach you how to hike safely and reduce the risks.

31. Do a Resistance Band Workout

Resistance bands are great because they’re cheap, they don’t take up a lot of space, and you can bring them anywhere. Make sure you get bands with a door attachment so you can do pulling exercises. Again, YouTube is a great place to find resistance band workouts to try.

32. Explore Your Local Parks

Sometimes we can live in a city for decades and never experience the wonderful parks in our area. Use movement as an excuse to get out there and see what your city or town has to offer. You will very likely find other ways to move more while you’re out there.

33. Workout in the Pool

Water workouts are great for people with injuries while still being a great workout. If you’ve ever tried to move quickly in water, then you know just how much effort it can take. There’s even strength equipment for pools that can give you a great resistance training workout in the water.

34. Do a Core Workout

Core workouts are great because having strong abs and a strong back can be key to staying injury free as we get older. So many back injuries could be avoided if we built strength and stability in our core.

35. Try Apple Fitness+

Many people probably have access to Apple Fitness+ even if they don’t use it. A while back I upgraded my Apple One plan to the Premiere plan and I got access to Apple Fitness+ workouts. They’ve got a wide variety of workouts to choose and they even have meditation programs. If you have an Apple Watch it automatically tracks your workout which is a pretty cool feature.

36. Join a Swimming Club

If you don’t have access to a pool then joining a swimming club could be a good option for you. Everyone there will be paying to be there so they’ll probably treat the place nicer. Not to mention, when we pay for things we tend to use them more, so you’ll have more incentive to get your butt to the pool.

37. Try a Suspension Trainer Workout

A group TRX class

There are many suspension trainers on the market and they’re a great way to get a challenging workout using your body weight as resistance. I wouldn’t recommend this as your first workout if you’ve been leading a sedentary lifestyle up to this point, but it’s a fun way to challenge yourself differently if you’ve got a solid foundation of strength.

38. Work On Your Balance

Balance exercises might not be the first thing you think of when you think of moving more. We tend to try to NOT move when we’re practicing balance, but I believe that action taken in the direction of your goals will lead to more action in that direction. Working on your balance might lead to walking more because you now feel more stable on your feet.

Balance only gets worse as you age, unless you actively work on it. The more stable you feel on your feet, the more likely you are to choose activities that require you to move more.

39. Take a Pilates Class

Pilates is a great, low-impact workout that builds total body strength and control while improving flexibility and mobility. Find a reformer class near you if you want to experience the most fun aspect of Pilates, or take a mat class online if you prefer to work out at home.

40. Go For a Walk in a Botanical Garden

An easy way to get more movement is to choose activities that are pleasant and that have movement built in. It’s like going to Disney World. It’s “vacation” but you walk more than you do all year in a week. Find a lovely place to explore and the steps just happen. It’s about finding easy ways to get more physical activity into your life.

41. Try Crossfit

I would say find out which one of your friends does Crossfit and have them take you to their box, but you won’t have to “find out” who does Crossfit. They’ll have already told you. One thousand times! I kid….but still. This is recommended for people who love a challenge and want to be obliterated with a group of sweaty friends. Injuries are high in Crossfit, but sometimes they’re worth it. Not to me! But to some people. You’ve been warned.

42. Do a Flyweight Cardio Workout

Flyweight is a new piece of equipment that I’m currently testing. It’s meant to replace big cardio machines and claims to increase your heart rate higher than other workouts. If you’re looking to get more high-intensity cardiovascular exercise and you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on cardio equipment, then give Flyweight a try.

43. Join a Parkour or Free Running Group

If you like the idea of jumping from one object to another and traversing your environment in the most creative way possible, then Parkour might be something worth trying. This isn’t for most people, but you could always try it – as the guys from The Office did! Hardcore Parkour!!

44. Work on Doing a Pull-up

Sometimes having a specific skill goal can inspire us to move more. If you’ve always wanted to do a pull-up but have never had the strength, it’s going to take some work to make it happen. Let that motivation push you to start building some strength. Once you achieve your goal, pick a new one!

45. Try Powerlifting

If you’re curious about how much your body can bench, squat, or deadlift then you might want to give powerlifting a try. Find a gym that focuses on this and sign up, or hire a trainer who specialized in powerlifting and see what you’re capable of.

46. Run all the Outdoor Stairs In Your Town

Woman running up some outdoor stairs

Make it a challenge to run all the outdoor stairs in your town. If you live in a flat area like I do and you don’t find many stairs where you live, you could see what stadiums are open to the public. This is excellent for your cardiovascular system and your legs. When I lived in Los Angeles I ran the famous Santa Monica steps a few times. The first time I did them I couldn’t walk right for a week!

47. Walk Through Downtown or Historic Districts

Our cities and towns have amazing histories that we often aren’t aware of. Take the opportunity to get some walking in while you explore these areas. You’ll get to know your hometown better while staying physically active.

48. Take a Karate or Judo Class

Martial arts classes offer a fantastic opportunity to stay active while learning self-defense techniques in a friendly and relaxed environment. You’ll not only improve your own fitness level and coordination but also gain valuable skills and make some awesome friends along the way.

49. Walk Through Your Local Museums

When was the last time you checked out your local museums? See what new exhibits are up in your area and check them out. Sign up for the email lists of all the museums in town so you’ll know when there’s new stuff to check out. It’s about finding easy ways to move more in your everyday life.

50. Take a Circuit Training Class

These dynamic workouts offer a fantastic way to incorporate diverse exercises and keep you on your toes. Circuit training does a great job of combing strength training and cardio into one session. It’s an excellent opportunity to improve your overall fitness and boost your endurance.

51. Try a Plyometrics Workout

If jumping jacks are your favorite part of a workout then Plyo is for you. Jumping is great for moving your lymph and building strength in your legs, especially your calves. And don’t get me started on the cardiovascular benefits.

52. Do Some Slamball Exercises

Slam balls are heavy like medicine balls but they don’t bounce. They’re meant to be slammed hard and fast on the ground or into a wall. They’re great for building power and explosiveness and you get one heck of a cardio workout if you keep on slamming!

53. Forget Amazon and Go Shopping In Your Local Mall

We have done a great job of creating a world where we barely have to get out of our chairs. While it’s convenient, it hasn’t done a lot for our wellness. It’s also led to articles like this one that encourage you to skip Amazon and actually go to the mall so you can get some movement in.

54. Try Jui-Jitsu

Jiu-Jitsu is a cool martial art that emphasizes technique over strength, enabling you to overcome larger opponents. It offers effective self-defense skills while promoting mental discipline and fostering a supportive community.

55. Take a Boxing Class

Boxing is an excellent form of movement that combines gets your blood pumping while improving your agility, coordination, and power. Not to mention, hitting stuff can be a great stress reliever.

56. Join a Walking Challenge

If you need some extra motivation check out Conquerer Challenges. These are virtual challenges that take you all over the world – virtually that is. You sign up for a challenge, input the distance you walk, and it progresses you along the route.

They send you info on the landmarks you pass along the way so you learn about other parts of the world as you “walk” through them. And you get a real medal after completing the challenge. Kinda cool!

57. Go Rucking

Rucking involves walking or hiking with a loaded backpack. It’s inspired by military workouts and is a great low-impact way to build strength and endurance while burning up to 3x more calories than walking alone. If you want to learn more, check out GoRuck.com

58. Do a Sandbag Workout

People in a sandbag workout class

Sandbag workouts are an amazing way to switch things up if you’re getting bored with traditional workouts. They’re great for building grip and core strength and they add variety to your daily calorie burn.

59. Sign Up For a Charity 5K

There’s nothing better than a deadline to motivate us to do what we need to do. If you want to start running but you’re lacking the motivation, signing up for a charity run can be a great way to push you to start training. If you have a deadline that you know you’ll have to run a race, you’ll be more motivated to train for it.

60. Try Slacklining

This is one of my favorites. Slacklining involves attaching a line between two trees, or sturdy poles, and walking across it like a tightrope walker. The only difference is that the line has some slack and it’s usually only a couple feet off the ground. It’s a challenging way to work on your balance and it’s super fun.

61. Sign Up For Adult Gymnastics

This might seem scary but it could be really fun to try something as challenging as gymnastics as an adult. You might never do a backflip, but it could be fun trying some easier things and you never know how good you’ll be until you try it. Not a bad way to spend your free time.

62. Plan an Adventure Trip

Instead of taking the same ‘ole trip to the beach to lounge and drink adult beverages, why not plan a trip that involves some physical activity and adventure? You’ll get a lot more movement in, and you might be compelled to get in better shape before the trip so you’re prepared for whatever might be thrown at you.

63. Do an Agility Workout

Agility is something that tends to decrease with age, so why not devote some time to training it? Agility ladders, shuttle runs, and agility hurdles are some great and affordable tools to practice your agility. I love using a tool called Blazepods, which are little pods that light up and test your agility through games and challenges in the Blazepod app. It’s exhausting, but so fun.

64. Try Rock Climbing

If you live near mountains or in a place with an indoor rock climbing gym I highly suggest giving it a try. It’s not only fun, but it’s extremely hard which gives you a lot of room for improvement. You’ll improve your grip strength which is great for overall health and you’ll maybe even conquer some fears in the process.

If you’re really afraid of heights and can’t imagine climbing a really tall wall, then give Bouldering a try. The walls are shorter and you don’t even need ropes. You just fall to the mat below. It’s so much fun!

65. Go For a Run or a Jog

I’m personally not a runner, but I’ve known a lot of people who had never run before and one day they went for a jog and fell in love. You’ll never know if you’re one of those people unless you give it a shot. It’s free and it’ll get you some fresh air. Get your shoes on and RUN! At least it’s not push ups!

66. Walk to work or school instead of driving.

Now, I know this isn’t feasible for everyone, but if you live close enough to work or school, and the weather where you live allows for it, walking instead of driving is an easy way to add more movement to your daily routine. Not only that, but you’ll save money on gas and parking!

67. Get an Indo Board

Another way to practice balance is with an Indo Board. Imagine a tiny wooden surfboard balanced on a foam roller. That’s pretty much what an Indo Board is and it’s really fun to try to get better at it. You could even play on it while watching TV instead of sitting on the couch.

68. Attend a Fitness Boot Camp

Boot Camps became popular over a decade ago, but they’re still a great way to get some exercise in. The community that these boot camps create is great and you feel so accomplished when you finish a challenging Boot Camp workout.

69. Walk While You Talk On The Phone

A woman talking on the phone while walking

Many of us spend a lot of time on phone calls during and throughout the day. An easy way to get more movement in is to walk around while you take your phone calls. Most phones are wireless these days, so there’s no reason you can walk around the room while you take those work calls.

70. Do a 30-Day Fitness Challenge

Challenges can be a great way to get back into regular movement again. You’ve got a specific goal and you usually have a community to cheer you on. Not to mention, 30 days of consistent movement is long enough to possibly solidify the habit. My advice is to choose a challenge that you know you can complete, that’s not too hard, and that you enjoy. The more you enjoy it, the more likely you are to continue moving when the challenge is over.

71. Get a Standing Desk

Using a standing desk can offer great benefits, including burning more calories than sitting and improving posture, reducing back, neck, and shoulder pain, and reducing heart disease and mortality risk.

To get the most out of your standing desk, make sure you stand for short increments and adjust the desk to the correct height. An anti-fatigue mat can also help reduce discomfort.

72. Do a Jump Rope Workout

Did you ever do Jump Rope For Heart at your school when you were a kid? That was a memory I didn’t expect to pop into my head. Fun times! Anyway, jumping rope is an old-school physical activity and a fun and challenging way to get your body moving.

You can get a cheap jump rope or a really kick-ass one like this one. Whatever you choose, just start jumping and have some fun!

73. Suggest Walking Meetings

Taking walking meetings is a great way to combat the health issues caused by too much time sitting down. By suggesting walking meetings, you can not only get your body moving and some extra steps in, but you can also boost creativity and productivity while strengthening relationships with colleagues.

74. Tidy Up Your House

Make tidying up a daily activity. Not only will your house be neater, but you’ll address the problem of not getting enough movement in on a daily basis. A de-cluttered home is a happier home and a body that gets more movement is a happier body. Win-Win!

75. Park Farther Away

Parking farther away from your destination can be an effective way to add more steps to your daily routine. I used to get so many more steps in when I lived in an apartment building and had to park far away from my front door. Now I try to park far away when I run errands. It’s much easier to find parking spots at the far end of the parking lot.

76. Work Out While Watching TV

Combining exercise with your TV time is a great way to stay active when you would normally be sitting. Increased TV time can lead to a pretty sedentary lifestyle, so why not get up and do some exercises while you’re bingeing Ted Lasso?

77. Get Up During Commercial Breaks

Even if you just use streaming services that don’t have commercials, you could periodically pause the show to get up and move around. Use the time to tidy up the room or do some push ups. Any opportunity you can create to move more is a win.

78. Skip the Drive-Through

I understand not wanting to get out of the car, but instead of driving through, park and go in to get your food. It’s sometimes faster to walk inside than driving through and you’ll get some steps in before you eat your meal

79. Set Movement Reminders

To make sure that you prioritize physical activity during your workday, you can set an alarm on your phone to take a break every 30 minutes. Get up and take a walk to the bathroom, get a drink of water from the kitchen, or do some stretches before you sit back down and get back to work.

80. Get a Dog

A guy walking his dog

Owning a furry friend has many amazing benefits for your health and well-being. Having a pet can help you live longer, stay active and fit, and reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. There aren’t many things that keep you accountable to moving more than a dog that needs to be walked. Having a dog is one of the easiest ways to move more.

81. Bike to Work

Biking to work is an excellent way to stay active and healthy. Not only will you benefit from the physical activity, but you will also be able to reduce your carbon footprint and save time compared to taking public transportation or driving.

To ensure a safe and enjoyable ride, always wear a helmet, use hand signals when turning, obey traffic laws, and wear reflective clothing if biking in low light conditions. Make sure your bike is in good condition and has working brakes and lights for extra protection.

82. Skip the Elevator and Take the Stairs

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator is not only great for burning calories and toning your legs, but it is also a great way to feel energized and refreshed throughout the day! You could also use the stairs for a quick exercise break or climb them during lunch or bathroom breaks.

83. Sign Up For a Fitness Class

When it comes to choosing the right fitness class there are plenty of options to choose from. Yoga, Pilates, spin classes, and HIIT workouts are all great options for a quick and energizing workout.

See what options you have in your area and give a few a try. Many gyms and studios have free trials or discounted packages when you’re first starting, so sign up and see if any classes float your boat.

84. Join a Walking Group

Walking is great and easy, but it can still be hard to make yourself do it. You can fix that by joining a walking group. Having to meet the group will hold you accountable and it’s often more fun to walk with others than it is to walk alone.

85. Use Waiting Time Wisely

Any time you’re stuck waiting for something, use that time to get some movement in. Walk around, hop around, or do some stretches. If you’re out in public you might get some weird looks, but that’s part of the fun! If you have extra time during your lunch hour, make that time active time!

86. Plan Get-Togethers Around Being Active

Planning get-togethers around being active can be incredibly rewarding! Not only can it help to increase your daily movement, but it can also bring a great sense of motivation, social bonding, and stress relief.

Whether it’s taking a yoga class, cooking dinner with friends, playing tennis, or going for a group bike ride, there are many ways to have fun and stay active at the same time.

87. Try Animal Flow

This is one that helped to get me moving more and completely changed the way I looked at movement and exercise. Animal Flow is a ground-based movement practice that’s challenging and super fun. If you want to know more, check out the review I did on the Animal Flow workout.

88. Join a Recreational Sports League

If you don’t love working out but you love playing sports, then joining a sports league could be a great way to move more. Whether it’s softball, bowling, tennis, or any other sport that you love, joining a league will give you the motivation to get out of the house and get active.

89. Turn Household Chores Into a Dance Party

A guy "playing" his vacuum like a guitar

Turning household chores into a dance party has some amazing benefits! From providing physical exercise to improving mental health and stress levels, there are so many reasons why dancing around the house can be a great way to stay active and get the whole family involved. Dancing can add an element of fun and creativity to your household chores, engaging your entire body to make the time fly by.

90. Do Push Ups or Squats Before Social Media

Doing push ups or squats before social media can have a number of benefits for your physical health. Push ups can help you build upper body strength while squats hit the lower body. You know you’re going to check Facebook or Instagram at some point during your day, so why not attach some simple exercises to it? You’ll EARN your screen time and build a healthier body at the same time.

You have to do 10 push ups or squats to be able to open the apps.

91. Wind Down The Day With a Stretch

Stretching at the end of the day can be an essential part of winding down. Taking a few moments to stretch can help reduce stress and tension, making it easier to drift off into a peaceful sleep. It can also help keep your muscles and joints healthy, improve posture and flexibility, and aid in muscle recovery. Make it part of your bedtime routine and see if your sleep quality improves.

92. Play With Your Kids

Playing with kids can be incredibly rewarding and beneficial for both children and adults. It is a great way to bond, create shared memories, improve physical and mental health, and burn more calories than if you just sat and watched them play. If you’ve ever played outside with young kids you know they never want to stop. It’s a great way to force yourself to move much more than you would have on your own.

93. Start a Hand Balancing Practice

A group of women standing on their hands against a wall

This might sound crazy, but if you ever took gymnastics or tumbling as a kid then you might really enjoy learning how to balance on your hands again. It’s challenging but fun and oh-so satisfying when you get those first few moments of hang time. It’s a great way to build upper body and core strength.

94. Ditch The One-Trip Club

The one-trip mentality is a way of thinking that involves carrying all of your groceries or items in one trip, rather than taking multiple trips. This approach is often seen as more efficient and time-saving; however, it is not always the healthiest option. I used to be a serious one-tripper, but I ditched my membership as a way to get more steps in and it was only annoying for a little while!

95. Skip the Snooze Button

If you’re one of those people that hit snooze two or three times every morning, that’s 20-30 minutes that you could be getting extra movement in. I’m not even saying that you need to use that time to work out. Just being up and moving instead of snoozing will add to your movement tally for the day.

96. Do Calf Raises or Squats While Brushing Your Teeth

A former client of mine used to do this. While she was brushing her teeth for two minutes she would do squats. It’s simple, you can’t claim you don’t have the time, and it’s a great example of getting movement in whenever and wherever you can.

97. Do Some Ab Wheel Exercises

Ab wheels can be a fun tool to play with. I wouldn’t recommend them for total beginners. I think it’s important to have some solid core strength and stability before you play around on one of these, but they’re a fun tool if you’re looking for something different to try. My favorite is the Core Flex 4D.

98. Do a VR Workout

If you have a VR headset then I highly recommend buying a workout game and giving it a shot. I remember when the Wii Fit came out and everyone was having a blast doing all these exercise games. VR takes it a step further by making you feel like you’re actually IN the game.

99. Try Standup Paddle Boarding

I’m sad to say that this is one I’ve always wanted to do and I’ve never done it. If you have access to large bodies of water then get yourself a standup paddle board and test your balance out on the water.

100. Play Pickleball

4 people playing Pickleball

The fastest-growing game in the country right now is Pickleball. It’s like if Tennis and Ping Pong had a baby. You don’t have to cover as much ground as tennis, so it can be more approachable for many. Google “Pickleball near me” and chances are you’ll find some courts near you. They’re popping up everywhere.

101. Play Golf

Last on the list is golf. This is a great sport because you can play it for pretty much your whole life. I played a tiny bit as a kid and I picked it back up a couple of years ago. It’s such a lovely way to spend a morning or afternoon. If you walk instead of ride you’ll get a ton of steps in and there aren’t many places more serene than a golf course.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is it important to move more?

Moving more is crucial because it helps keep our bodies healthy and strong, improves our fitness and endurance, and reduces the risk of diseases like heart problems, obesity, and diabetes.

How can I find the motivation to move more?

Finding motivation can be easier when you set goals that excite you, try different activities to find ones you enjoy, involve friends or join a group, and track your progress. Also, remember that even small amounts of movement can make a difference, so start with something you feel comfortable with and gradually increase your activity level.

Can moving more help improve my mental well-being?

Yes, moving more can have positive effects on mental well-being. Physical activity releases endorphins, which are natural chemicals in the brain that help improve mood and reduce stress. It can also provide a healthy outlet for emotions, increase self-confidence, and promote better sleep, all of which contribute to overall mental well-being.

What are the benefits of incorporating movement into my daily routine?

Regular movement has many benefits. It strengthens our muscles and bones, improves flexibility and coordination, boosts our energy levels, and helps us manage weight. It can also improve our mood, reduce stress, and enhance our overall mental well-being.

Can moving more help with weight loss or weight management?

Yes, moving more can definitely support weight management. Engaging in regular physical activity burns calories, helps build muscle, and increases metabolism, all of which can contribute to maintaining a healthy weight or even losing weight when combined with a balanced diet.

Is there a minimum amount of movement I should do in a day?

If you’re just starting out, I wouldn’t worry about how much you’re doing. Just worry about making the choice to do something. You can always add more as it becomes easier to do so.


When it comes to staying active, healthy, and moving more, the possibilities are endless! From running and bike riding, to dance classes and jiu-jitsu. There are so many ways to move more.

Movement is not only good for your physical health, but it’s also great for your mental health. Some would argue that if exercise and movement were drugs, they would be the most prescribed drugs in the world due to how many benefits they provide.

Challenge yourself to stay active all year round! Choose creative ways to move throughout the day to keep up with your goals and get those steps in – your body will thank you for it. Whether it’s a rigorous workout or doing household chores, make a point to stay active and take advantage of the many benefits movement offers.

Now, stop reading and get moving!

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